About the Prints

All of my career, I have waited for this time in history.  I love and respect conventional photographic processes, but I am not adverse to progress. I still do some shooting on large format filsm and have the film scanned to digital files, but more and more, I am capturing images digitally. Either way, I fine tune the images on the computer and then print the digital files on beautiful acid-free fine art papers on a high quality ink-jet printer. The prints are commonly referred to as "Giclee" prints. The current ink-jet printing process products a beautiful range of color.

Print Longevity:
The printing processes are performed on state-of-the-art ink-jet printers with archival inks and archival papers. The estimated life of original print quality is 100 years or more, depending on the way the print is mounted, matted and exhibited. We suggest your framer use mounting board and mats that are acid free to assure long life and image stability. It is also highly advisable to use UV Preservation Glass, or Museum Glass, to filter out most of the harmful UV rays. It is a universal recommendation to keep all artwork out of direct sunlight.

There are seven primary proportions I work with, but a very few of my images don't fit into those aspect ratios. I feel the fitting of a photographic image into an exact proportion isn't as important as the effect that is sometimes achieved by cropping at a non-standard aspect ratio. So, on very rare occasions the measurements will vary from the print sizes displayed in the individual image area. Upon receiving an order, I'll alert you if that is the case.

All prints are printed by me, or personally supervised if printed by others. Every print is signed.

All images created by me, Bob Hills, as with any other fine artist, are copyrighted. Any unauthorized use of these images constitutes a copyright infringement and will be aggresively enforced.